Madden ’08


Accurate Kicker, Big Foot Kicker, Big Hitter, Brick Wall Defender, Cannon Arm, Crushing Run Blocker, Elusive Backs, Finesse Move D-Lineman, Hands, Pass Blocker, Possession Receiver, Power Back, Power Move D-Lineman, Press Coverage Corner, Quick Receiver, Shutdown Corner, Smart Corner, Smart Linebacker, Smart Safety, Spectacular Catch Reciever, Speed, Stiff-Arm Ball Carrier, Accurate QB.

These are the new “weapons” in the Madden ’08 video game, releasing in August. I’m not a huge video game kind of guy but football games are the ones I will play.

Weapons are the new feature, which showcase team talents and individual talents to enhance gameplay and entertainment. For instance: your Finesse Move D-Linemen will have special abilities to get around pass blockers for a sack; your Spectacular Catch Receiver will make catches that others just can’t – and make them look good; your Cannon Arm QB will launch a pass into triple coverage and probably complete it.

The one not mentioned above is my favorite (besides the Big Hitter): Smart QB. This QB will read defenses before the ball is snapped and change the play to expose the D’s weaknesses.

Madden ’08 looks flippin’ fantastic, but the best part about it all is that in the promotion and marketing of the new game the Colts have 4 players representing their respective “weapons.”

-Smart QB: Peyton Manning
-Accurate Kicker: Adam Vinatieri
-Finesse Move D-Lineman: Dwight Freeney
-Hands: Marvin Harrison

Here are two links to check out the game: espn and espn games.