Is Peyton ‘Indispensible’?


ESPN writer, Jeffri Chadiha, wrote an article (click here) saying the Colts couldn’t stand to part with Peyton Manning.

My opinion, I think I’d agree.

Some teams can get by with outstanding RBs and the upside-of-mediocre QB (the Jags with Fred Taylor/Mo Jones-Drew and Leftwich) or even a crushing defense and a cry-to-his-momma QB (Da Bears with Urlacher‘s D and Little Rexy)…not the Colts. Polian (and then Dungy) served Peyton an offense on a silver platter. That offense would fall apart without Peyton at the helm. I’m not underplaying any talent on our O, but Peyton cherries the sundae.

Someday Peyton will leave, I promise, but hopefully with a farewell Super Bowl Championship and a healthy retirement package, a Colts helmet still covering his dome. So, the Colts will have to seek new talent. Do we trust Jim Sorgi (that’s him in the photo above – aw, he thinks he’s gonna play today), Peyton’s backup for 4 years now? I kind of like him…he’s the understudy for the greatest QB in this generation, and possibly ever!

I don’t know, it’s kind of like trusting the backup for Brett Favre…or Joe Montana – wait…