The Saga of Daunte


The Saga of Daunte Culpepper: Daunte was traded to the Dolphins in 2006 after spending 7 years quarterbacking the Vikes; this is after Daunte’s right knee gets blasted in 2005; he plays four games as a Phin and Joey “Boy Wonder” Harrington steps in – BOOM! – Daunte’s a backup nursing his possible career-ender; Daunte gets upset and wants out but the Phins won’t release him to free agency…

So, why should we, fans of the greatest team in all the land, care about Daunte and his school-of-hardknocks saga?

Because, by the looks of it, the Chiefs and the Jags seem to really like him as a backup. The Chiefs, in the midst of a serious brain fart, traded a quality QB in Trent Green to the Phins and are looking for a replacement. But the Jags seem to licking their chops at the possibility of Daunte as their backup.

Daunte, though, has to wait until a court date with the Dolphins…ONE WEEK BEFORE TRAINING CAMPS!

The Colts have to beat both of these teams in 2007 to repeat their victory. The Colts always have a rough time and have quite a history with both the Chiefs and the Jags. It’d be wise to keep an eye on Culpepper’s moves, as he was a 1st round pick in 1999 and had one of the most prolific years for a QB in 2004: 4,717 yards and 39 TDs.

Dante’s capable – should his knee allow him – of doing very dangerous things to the Colts D – that is, if our D fills those gaps.