The Colts are nominated for 7 ESPY Awards...not bad. Peyton is nominated for Be..."/> The Colts are nominated for 7 ESPY Awards...not bad. Peyton is nominated for Be..."/>

2007 ESPY Awards


The Colts are nominated for 7 ESPY Awards…not bad.

Peyton is nominated for Best Male Athlete. He’s up against a healthy field here, including LeBron James, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and LaDanian Tomlinson. (Lance Armstrong, who has swept the category the last 4 years, has retired and will no longer just have the trophy automatically shipped to his residence this time.)

Peyton is also nominated for Best Championship Performance and Best NFL Player – this one he’s up against some awesome players, but c’mon on! He’s the best QB in history, 2-time league MVP and now he’s Super Bowl Champ!

The Colts are also nominated for Best Team, winning the Super Bowl. Other teams include the University of Florida’s men’s basketball and football teams, the San Antonio Spurs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Colts are also up for another award…Best Game. Of course, it’s the AFC Championship when they erased a 3-TD defecit to beat the Pats 38-34 and go on to win the Super Bowl for the first time since Super Bowl 5.

Coach Dungy is also up for an award (alongside Lovie Smith, Bears’ head coach) in the Best Moment category, where it was the first time in NFL history where 2 African-American head coaches met in the Super Bowl, let alone one coach getting there. They’re up against a tough “Return to the Superdome” when the Saints’ debut in their home dome ended in a win against the Falcons. He’s also nominated for Best Coach, which should be without argument.

The only problem I have is there was no Cybill Shephard Award for most erratic and schizophrenic performance. I’d just mail it to Rex Grossman today.

The ESPYs will appear on ESPN on July 15 at 9pm. So, right now, go and do your civic duties, get on the ESPN website and vote for the COLTS!!!