Predictions: 2007 Regular Season


Besides playing other AFC South Division teams twice (Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston), the Colts aren’t looking at a very easy schedule.

The season opener for the Colts is at home against New Orleans (the team I predicted last August to win the Super Bowl – it’s a good thing I suck at NFL predictions). It’ll be tough, but I have faith in the Colts. By the end of September, the Colts should look good at 4-0, though the Saints and Denver will be serious football, I’m thinking.

October would’ve been a horrible month had the Bye Week not popped in there after the Tampa Bay game. Afterwards, the Colts will have – as they always do against them – an unpredictable game against Jacksonville. We should slip by Carolina, too, ending the month at 7-0.

Let’s not get too comfortable and spot a trend here, though, because November will be the toughest month of the season. I’m predicting an epic two weeks where the Colts beat New England, but to be honest, I think the Colts might fall to San Diego, as the Colts in recent years only turn their afterburners on against New England after mid-season. The Chiefs and the Falcons should make for easy work. November will end with a record of 10-1.

December’s just going to be long with five games. I’m throwing the second meeting against the Jags to the Jags – they seem to get stronger as the season goes on. The Ravens are always dangerous – Peyton vs. Ray, EPIC! – and I’m calling their victory simply because McGahee will really open that offense up for McNair. The Raiders and the Texans will fall like dominoes over the following two weeks. And here’s a shocker…I’m calling the Titans winning the last game due to the Colts going into the Playoffs and resting Manning, Addai and Harrison most of the game.

The Colts’ 2007 regular season ends at 12-4. San Diego gets first dibs again with a record of 13-3, and the Pats end at 12-4 with the Colts, but the Colts get 2nd place because they beat the Pats back on 11/4 and have a better divisional record (I’m thinking the Pats’ 3 of the 4 games lost will be against their division…one game lost to Jets, Bills and Dolphins, while the Colts fall only twice to divisional opponents: Jags and Titans).

Those are my predictions. Anyone care to disagree? What are your picks?