What A Ride…


Here’s a look at the playoffs, just in case anyone needs to relive it:

Jan 6, 2007 – Colts defeat Chiefs, 23-8. The Chiefs didn’t stand a chance, the offense getting 28 first downs to the Chiefs’ 8. The defense steps up huge, arguably saving the offense, Freeney gets 2 sacks and a forced fumble (in photo).

Jan 13, 2007 – Colts defeat Ravens, 15-6. It was complete and total domination on defense, while Manning and the offense forgot where the endzone was. Either offense didn’t bother to show up, but Vinatieri covered the Colts.

Jan 21, 2007 – Colts defeat Patriots, 38-34. Finally, the offense showed up! Trailing 18 points at halftime, Manning and Freeney led the Colts to the largest comeback in AFC Championship history, and defeating their arch-rivals.

Feb 4, 2007 – Colts defeat Bears, 29-17. Not only did Grossman stay true to form and win me a big bet with my boss, the Colts controlled both sides of the field and won their first Super Bowl in 36 years. (Kelvin Hayden, in the photo, is running back an interception, contributing to the Colts D outscoring the Bears’ O in the final 49 minutes.)

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