Randy, Randy, Randy…


I have to admit something: Being a Florida State Seminoles football fan from way back, I’m a little alone among my friends because I always root for the smartasses and badasses in the NFL. Rooting for the ‘Noles has ruined me.

So when I heard about WR Randy Moss (who went to Marshall, not FSU, but still an honorary member of the Smartass/Badass Club) heading from the West Coast to the East Coast to don a Pats helmet, milk couldn’t spray out of my nose fast enough. What’s Moss, a known whiner and proven badass, doing in a club that might as well wear their Sunday best out on the field? Besides Brady’s playa grooves with the ladies, no one on that team really slips up.

What would Peyton do if, say, Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison left (gasp!) and was replaced by Moss? Or, Terrell Owens (a personal favorite of mine, I don’t care what anyone says)? Ha! Or Ocho-Cinco? All of you who diss these trouble-making all-stars, would you root for them then?

Ten Cool Points to the best answer…Go!