Harper’s Replacement?


Antonio Perkins once returned three punts for three touchdowns while playing for Oklahoma. Now it looks like the Colts, eager to fill some gaps made in the offseason by players leaving and riding the wave of a Super Bowl win, have taken the proverbial piss on Perkins, marking him as theirs.

Perkins was raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, where your favorite sports blogger – Yours Truly – was born (Fort Sill, OK…the place they murdered Geronimo – I digress). For that, he’s aces in my book.

He’s a gifted cornerback and a return man, making him a perfect fit to replace Terrence Wilkins as returner…hint, hint Coach Dungy. (Was I the only one covering my eyes during the Super Bowl and those endless Bears’ punts?)

Perkins was drafted in the 2nd pick in the 4th round in the 2005 draft by the Cleveland Browns. There, he had little experience in two years (2 tackles in 6 games), but he did return three touchdowns. At 5’11” 194lbs, he seems like a pretty solid player, but remember: the Colts lost Nick Harper to the Tennessee Titans and Perkins might just be that plug.