Say it ain’t so, Joe!


Joe Theisman, you have got to be kidding! To say that the San Diego Chargers are a better team than the Colts is sacrilege at best.

Theisman, in his recent article, lists his top-five best teams in the AFC. Of course he’s jockeying the Patriots as the best team right now. And, I hate to admit it, but who wouldn’t? They’ve been pretty consistent in their league domination in the last seven years.

(C’mon! Colts fans know best how dangerous those damn Pats are. Hate them during the game, but Colts fans respect New England deep down.)

The Colts are No. 3 leading me to believe that Theisman, in his old age, must have drifted off to sleep during the last Super Bowl when the Colts man-handled the Bears offensively and defensively. You’re Super Bowl Champs for a reason…because you’re the best team in the nation. You’ve best-ed the best, and I’m pretty sure the Chargers didn’t best the Pats when it counted most. The Colts actually beat the Pats twice last season.

I see what Theisman’s going on here – the losses the Colts have in the off-season. The Colts will be just fine, as they’ve always had a dependable second-string. Need I remind everyone that Sanders, Harper, Simon, Stokely missed some of last season? The Colts will fill those gaps just fine, and we’ve picked up some great draft picks.

No. 4 was Denver and No. 5 was Baltimore.

Theisman got the top five teams correct, but just in the wrong order.

I would honestly rewrite the list to look something like this:

1. New England Patriots (because they’re always a threat.)
1. Indianapolis Colts (because they’ve become a proven threat in recent seasons.)
3. San Diego Chargers (they haven’t proven anything yet, except a pretty solid offense.)
4. Denver Broncos (I agree with Theisman, they’re going to be dangerous this year.)
5. Baltimore Ravens (I think McGahee will split that offense wide open.)

So, let’s hear how you’d name the Top 5 AFC teams going in to the 2007 season and why.