When Will They Ever Learn?


Adam “Pacman” Jones, the ferocious cornerback for the Tennessee Titans (that’s him pointing), is at it again. This time he is only wanted by authorities for questioning in a shooting incident involving members of his entourage. He was not at the scene.

But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already suspended Jones for the entire 2007 football season (10 weeks under good behavior).

I’m wondering: How hard is it to stay out of trouble?

As children, many of us have broken laws like slipping a pack of bubblegum in our pockets at the cornerstore or speeding on the highway, but when we grew up (for most of us, at least) we did just that…grew up.

The thrill of going to strip clubs and the danger of driving under the influence and (apparently for some really sick and demented minds) the urge to see two dogs rip each other apart to the death just for a few large, that all wore off. It seems like those people just haven’t grown up. They claim to be heroes, modern gladiators capturing kid’s attention, donating their time and money to charities, but I’ve always believed you are most like yourself when your alone. These people shooting at one another for the attention of a stripper or watching the destruction of two animals in a box, that is who these people are. Still children.

To me, these are not heroes. These are children who happen to be in better shape then the vast majority of the rest of us, allowing them to compete at levels we envy them for every Sunday.

NFL players, like Jones, should be dealt with swiftly and harshly, as would anyone in their position would be. As for players like Michael Vick who enjoys the spectacle of gruesome death for money, he (and anyone else at that level of inhumanity) should be black-balled from ever taking another snap again.