Colts: Rex Ryan and ESPN pregame crew destroy Philip Rivers

The ESPN pregame show, led by Rex Ryan, owned Colts QB Philip Rivers into oblivion on Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts and Philip Rivers’ honeymoon phase is now officially over.

After a few victorious weeks during which Rivers’ play didn’t torpedo the team’s chances, we’ve now officially hit the realization that, uh, there were a few better options on the market that didn’t cost quite as much.

For example, for Rivers’ $25 million stopgap salary in 2020 could’ve purchased somewhere around 25 Cam Newtons.

The NFL world is definitely beginning to catch on to Rivers’ deficiencies, and the ol’ gunslinger is quickly becoming Peyton Manning on his final Broncos team, buoyed by a fantastic defense and maybe — just maybe — good enough to hold onto the football and luck into a run. But Rex Ryan, Randy Moss and the folks at ESPN think his ceiling is even lower, and they went on attack mode before Sunday’s game.

“Philip Rivers was an outstanding quarterback, but right now, he’s too slow,” Ryan intones. And so it begins…

After attacking Rivers’ arm and the limitations of the team’s game plan because of his decreased mobility, Ryan was nice enough to compliment his feistiness, which is kind of an easy excuse for a cheap piece of praise at this point.

Moss, on the other hand, spun his competitiveness into another negative; after all, it does seem like Rivers believes in himself so much that he has no clue he can’t fit the ball into tight windows anymore.

Yes, it’s overall not going that well right now! Thanks!

Rivers and the Colts should have their way with a wayward Bengals club on Sunday that cannot protect Joe Burrow and, in fact, puts his life at risk every time they kick off.

If this game resembles the Browns mess, however, these conversations are only going to grow louder and more prevalent.